The IAMP Early Career Award

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  1. The prize is awarded at the International Congress of Mathematical Physics (ICMP) in recognition of a single achievement in Mathematical Physics. The prize consists of the sum of 3000 € and is reserved for scientists whose age in years since birth on July 31 of the year of the Congress is less than 35.
  2. A nomination for the prize should include the name of the candidate accompanied by a brief characterisation of the work singled out for the prize. Members of the IAMP should send their nomination or nominations not earlier than 18 months following the last ICMP and not later than 6 months before the next ICMP, to the President and to the Secretary by e-mail, and a fax or a hard copy should follow the e-mail. The call for nominations will be posted on the IAMP Web site and the link will be sent by e-mail to the IAMP members.
  3. The recipient of the prize will be selected by a committee of 5 members determined by votes within the EC. There will be two separate ballots. The first ballot shall select the Chairman who will be chosen from among the members of the EC. The second ballot shall select the other four members from a list constructed by the EC with the advice of earlier recipients of the prize. The EC shall decide the membership of the committee within one month of the expiration of the deadline for nominations.
  4. The Committee may consider candidates that have not been nominated by the members. The names of committee members will remain confidential within the EC until the prize ceremony. The IAMP will make every reasonable effort to make attendance at the ceremony possible for the selected candidate.


2021 Amol Aggarwal for fundamental contributions to the asymptotic analysis of two-dimensional lattice models, including proving the universality of local correlations for dimer models, characterizing Gibbs measures and their current fluctuations for the stochastic six vertex model, and providing a rigorous framework for the tangent method of finding boundaries of frozen regions in planar ice models. Website
2018 Semyon Dyatlov for the introduction and the proof of the fractal uncertainty principle, which has important applications to quantum chaos and to observability and control of quantum systems. Website
2015 Hugo Duminil-Copin for his fundamental contributions in the rigorous analysis of critical phenomena, in particular for establishing the critical point in the two-dimensional random cluster model and for the proof of the continuity of the magnetization at the critical temperature in the ferromagnetic Ising model. Website
2012 Artur Avila for clarifying the structure of ergodic one dimensional systems, including the almost Matthieu operator. In a series of papers, some single authored, some with collaborators, Avila has solved almost all open questions on the almost Matthieu operator and provided insight into the structure of absolutely continuous spectra in more general ergodic models Website
2009 Mihalis Dafermos for his important contributions to the understanding of the strong cosmic censorship conjecture and Price law in general relativity Website

Prize committees

2021 Sylvia Serfaty (chair), Igor Rodnianski, Jakob Yngvason, Stephane Nonnenmacher, Bernard Derrida
2018 Mathieu Lewin (chair), Michael Aizenman, Antti Kupiainen, Nicolai Reshetikhin, Laure Saint-Raymond
2015 Laszlo Erdos (chair), Giovanni Felder, Vojkan Jaksic, Jens Marklof, Gunther Uhlmann
2012 Abel Klein (chair), Volker Bach, Jan Derezinski, Barry Simon, Simone Warzel
2009 Jürg Fröhlich, Svetlana Jitomirskaya, Israel Michael Sigal, Jan Philip Solovej (chair), Horng-Tzer Yau
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