About the IAMP

There are various sources from which one can learn about more than three decades of the Association history. A wealth of information can be found in our News Bulletins as well as the older ones from the pre-electronic age.

Further Information

Executive Comittee

Officers of the Association serve three year terms. The current term is 2021 —2024.

Current Officers of the Association

PresidentBruno NachtergaeleWebsiteeMail
Vice PresidentSylvia SerfatyWebsiteeMail
SecretaryMichael LossWebsiteeMail
TreasurerDorothea BahnsWebsiteeMail

Other Executive Committee Members

 Percy DeiftWebsite
Hugo Duminil-CopinWebsite
St├ęphane NonnenmacherWebsite
Marcello PortaWebsite
Kasia RejznerWebsite
Jan Philip SolovejWebsite
Herbert SpohnWebsite
Daniel UeltschiWebsite

Past Presidents

Robert Seiringer2015—20
Antti Kupiainen2012—14
Pavel Exner2009—11
Giovanni Gallavotti2006—08
David Brydges2003—05
Herbert Spohn2000—02
Elliott Lieb1997—99
Arthur Jaffe1991—96
John Klauder1988—90
Konrad Osterwalder1985—87
Elliott Lieb1982—84
Huzihiro Araki1979—81
 Walter Thirring1976—78
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